Bar Rouge Singapore Presents

Grey Goose X Bar Rouge Gone Rogue: Throttle (AUS)

Sat 27 Apr 10:00 PM - 4:00 AM @ Bar Rouge Singapore


Grey Goose X Bar Rouge Gone Rogue: Throttle (AUS)

Comes with 1 complimentary drink


Event Details

What first started as a medley mash up of 20 different tracks by Australian producer, Throttle in 2013 has since transformed into a game of domination in the house music scene.

Having racked up 5 million views on his playback and catapulting to a viral sensation, the young and aspiring beat maker has since joined the ranks of the house music circle and worked with industry top dogs such as Avicii and Oliver Heldens.

Fusing together references and inspirations from different eras and genres such as disco, jazz and hip-hop, Throttle has created a signature genre of his own which he proudly calls "dirty-disco". His finesse in tune-turning has earned him the honour of being American evergreen band, Earth's first remix artist for their classic track, September.

Get ready to let loose and let your party engines go throttle with dynamic sounds and body rocking tunes by the critically acclaimed, DJ Throttle!

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