Fat Fish Familia Presents

Strawberry Space 4.0

Sat 06 Oct 6:00 PM - 2:00 AM @ 39 Keppel Rd


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Welcome back!!

Strawberry space is coming back fat & funkier than ever Our dear ORIO will celebrate his 30th birthday (Yes, Yes, 30!) We know he looks much older : ) For this amazing celebration and the 4th edition of Strawberry Space, we deliver you another dream booking and spaced out production.

So happy to welcome the guys who have inspired us so much since 2007, the people who show us how it should be done. How to bring the roots and the love to the late night clubs.
Artists that we play every single event since Fat Fish Familia was born.

We deliver you the walking legends: Soul Clap

(Crew Love , Soul Clap Records , Wolf + Lamb )

Before today is yesterday and after tomorrow is the future, Elyte and Cnyce's paths were crossed for all time when a Sun Ra light beam sent from Saturn collided with the P-Funk Mothership and sent them tumbling to earth. Now, Soul Clap time travels on a musical spaceship of dopeness...

Wait?!? What?!?! OHHHHH YES!

Along side the Soul clap team, will join the talented DJ & Producer, ALL THE WAY from TEL AVIV for the first time ever in Singapore,

Ronen Sabo aka Obas Nenor / Nenorion Music By the mid-nineties, he was using his sampler to form his own take on funk and disco. Sabo started running the only disco and funk event in Tel Aviv, ‘Disco Night,’ with friend DJ ROB . They continue to produce and DJ today under the name ‘Rabo & Snob.’ Later on, he travelled to Jamaica where he stayed for nearly a year recording original reggae and dancehall material with local Jamaican talents, including some works with Damian and Stephen Marley. With an ear for a wide range of musical genres, he went on to become a sought after award-winning producer in the local scene, securing his status on Israeli airwaves. His productions are always organic and soulful, utilising his vast collection of vintage samplers, synths and other freaky gear, he blends samples with his own playing on various instruments. His debut EP as Obas Nenor “I Love You” was signed to the iconic house label Strictly Rhythm, followed by a second release, “My Way Home,” on which was released on Moodymann legendary label Mahogani Music. After his releases on Strictly Rhythm and Mahogani, he continued with releases on Detroit Swindle label, Heist Recordings on Sol Power Sound and on his own label Nenorion Nenor has been DJing consistently over the past twenty years, more recently holding a seven year residency at one of Tel Aviv’s most exciting underground venues, the Radio EPGB.

Mr.Lova Lova aka Orio Leshem Orio Leshem is quickly becoming known throughout Singapore and the East hosting outrageous, one-of-a-kind parties that are both unique to the Singapore and an essential and driving force in the fast-growing electronic music culture in the region. His talent for setting a night's tone reflects on his unique taste and eclectic influences from global sounds of disco-funk, tribal, coupled with uplifting house with 80's & 90's flavours. Originally from Israel, Orio's desire to share music and love with the world, his contagious charisma and magnetic energy sets a pace that is both exciting and relatable to many. His ability to create an easy, raw and authentic vibe with the crowd is all a part of his magic. He is the founder and Artistic Director of Fat Fish Familia, and is the resident of Kilo Lounge& Tanjong Beach Club Tiki disco events in Singapore.

Joining this dream team, another 3 AMAZING SURPRISE DJs to follow!!!

To create again a super dope space, Visuals & killer sound We have with us for the 4th time running, our brothers from Mi5chief Makers & Rebel Decibel Soundsystem

Jaymi McManus , Duncan Huntersson Scott & Pedro Gonçalves.

Big shoutout for Paneco sponsorship, This time be sure the alcohol gonna be A+ quality.


SUPER FISH TICKETS (Super limited) Only for 30$++

Dates: 24/8/2018 - 26/8/2018 ( only 3 days or sold out )

EARLY FISH TICKETS (Limited ) 40$ ++

Dates: 28/8/2018 - 15/9/2018 ( or sold out )

GANGSTER FISH (Limited) 50$ ++

Dates: 16/9/2018 - OCTOBER 1ST ( or sold out)

Tickets at the door if any , will go for 55$++



Drinks & Food will be served at the event, outside drinks or food are not allowed to bring in.




The Fat Fish events are all about Love, Peace and fresh music.

The Fat Fish crew is entitled to refuse entry to anyone who arrives over intoxicated, and are allowed to kick you out if you disrespect the vibe and the people who surround you. If your game is to act aggressive with woman till you find your "pick up", just pls don't show up.

No ego, amigo :-)

Be respectful , joyful & thankful

Spread the LOVE, absorb the LOVE and spread bigger LOVE around you.

Dress code: Dont dress to impress dress to express & get the funk out of your closet.

See you soon lovers


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